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St. Walter - St. Benedict School

One Community Two Campuses

Vision of Unification

  • Rationale
  • The new school, which will be known as St. Walter-St. Benedict School in the interim, will operate on two campuses as one school under one principal. Grades K-4 will be conducted at the St. Walter campus while grades 5-8 will be at the St. Benedict campus. Preschool will be offered at the St. Benedict site, with a decision preschool on the St. Walter site based on parent interest.
  •  As you may be aware, both schools on their own have faced challenges with declining enrollment and finances in recent years. Unifying the schools enables us to avoid closures by streamlining operations and trimming costs, while also providing the school classroom space to grow at each grade level.
  • Administration of the new school will be dedicated to community, they will work to ensure that despite being on two campuses, the students feel the sense of being united to one school.
    • Campus Design
      • St. Walter – St. Benedict School will operate under two campuses based on grade designation.  The primary campus will include grades K-4 at the 11741 S. Western, Chicago, IL.  The upper campus will include PreK, 5-8 at the 2324 New Street, Blue Island, IL.  
    • Transportation
      • The administration of the school will work to create a staggered schedule to accommodate families and students so families with students at each campus are on time. There is a 1.7 mi distance between each campus.  
      • Administration may consider transportation between campuses if there is a demonstrated need.
    • Staffing
      • OCS is working to create a comprehensive team that is best suited for St.Walter-St. Benedict School.  Staff from both current schools are given priority over any outside candidates.
    • Uniforms
      • A transition year will be offered which will allow current uniforms of either school will be considered to be in compliance with the uniform policy.  The new administration will offer information on the new uniform at a later date. 
    • Tuition
      • The 2021-2022 tuition will be shared as soon as possible.  Tuition will not increase for families. 
    • Curriculum
      • Before/Aftercare
        • Before and After Care will be provided for each campus based on family need.
      • Class Design
        • The unified school will be committed to reasonable class sizes.
        • St. Walter-St. Benedict will adhere to the Archdiocesan content standards/core curriculum to ensure quality Catholic education.
      • Specials
        • For the current school year (20-21) 
          • St. Walter – PE 2/week, Spanish 1/week, Computers 2/week
          • St Benedict – Art 1/week, Computers 2/week, PE 2/week
        • Unified school
          • Will continue to offer at least one specials class each day at each campus.
          • New administration will determine the new specials schedule and content.  Parent request for particular offerings will be conveyed. 
    • Extracurriculars
      • Providing clubs and sports remains a high priority for both campuses. This will be governed by COVID safety regulations as well as Athletic parent groups and student interest. 
        • Basketball, Baseball, Softball, spring and fall Soccer, Volleyball
        • Theater, Chess Scholars, Art Scholars
    • Important Dates
      • Friday, January 22, 2021 – Family guidance shared regarding Empower and Big Shoulders.
      • Tuesday, February 2, 2021 – 6:30 PM Rosary for Peace immediately followed by Joint Town Hall Meeting for current school families of St. Walter and St. Benedict Schools
        • Topic: Family Rosary for Healing & Peace – Town Hall Unification Meeting

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 912 5527 3837

    Passcode: 9DN4my

    Timelines for staff announcements, etc… will be shared at a later date.

    This document will be edited as new information becomes available.  It was last updated on 1/22/2021.