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Principal Newsletter

From the desk of Ms. Veronica Skelton Cash

December, 2020

Dear St. Walter School Families,

In the midst of the global pandemic when so many are suffering, it is difficult not to temper joyous wishes of “Merry” Christmas or “Happy” Holidays. It has been a very rough year, and most of us will be quite content to see 2020 come to an end and flip the calendar to 2021 with hopeful expectations. Yet, for many of us, it is our faith that sustains us in the midst of turmoil. For Christians, God becoming one of us in the form of a newborn and the struggles that the Holy Family endured can help us reframe our own reality and perspective.

I know that the education that your children are receiving at St. Walter School continues with fidelity and rigor. We are so proud of—and grateful for—our students and parents who have stepped up to the challenges and are using their skills they obtained at St. Walter School. One thing that interacting online the last ten months has taught us is how much we deeply value each other and our connections and to never take these for granted again.

My prayer for you in 2021 is simple: May you be blessed with good health, rewarding work, and an open heart to love one another. With that prayer on my mind, I am now able without hesitation wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

In Gratitude,

Veronica Skelton Cash, M.Ed.


Ms. Veronica Skelton Cash - Principal

“My plans for St. Walter School  – to grow and move forward. Highlight the things we do well, improve on the areas that need attention such as resources, implement a clearly defined Continuous School Improvement Plan based on data from test scores and bring back a welcoming environment where everyone feels at home.”