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Principal Newsletter

From the desk of Ms. Veronica Skelton Cash

October, 2020

Fall greeting St. Walter Families,

It is amazing how quickly the month of September went by. Thank you for all your efforts at home to get your children into the routine and swing of school.

I strongly encourage you and your family members to receive flu vaccinations this year. Our communities and health care systems are strained by the COVID-19 pandemic and a severe flu season will complicate an already difficult situation.

Together, we are working hard to practice positive behaviors to minimize the spread of COVID-19; we can do the same as we face the annual flu season. The more we do to protect ourselves and each other, the healthier our school communities will be throughout the school year.

Gentile Reminder for our eLearners. Students will follow a daily schedule where they will be responsible for attendance, logging into the learning platforms at various times, completing work on time, and any other responsibilities asked of them.

  • Students are required to be present & engaging during live instruction during the scheduled time unless a parent has notified the school.
  • Teachers will verbally state homework and due date at the end of each Zoom meeting. Students are responsible for writing assignment in their assignment notebooks.
  • All assignments are expected to be completed on teacher assigned due date.
  • Parents should not be placed in the role of teaching; students should be able to independently carry out the tasks assigned by teachers especially in the upper grades.


Veronica Skelton Cash, Principal

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Ms. Veronica Skelton Cash - Principal

“My plans for St. Walter School  – to grow and move forward. Highlight the things we do well, improve on the areas that need attention such as resources, implement a clearly defined Continuous School Improvement Plan based on data from test scores and bring back a welcoming environment where everyone feels at home.”