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Principal Newsletter

From the desk of Mrs. Sharon O’Toole

September 11, 2019

Dear St. Walter Family,

Thank you to those families that joined us at our Back to School Buckets this past Friday. It was a fun evening that provided an opportunity for our families to get together outside of school. We hope to continue to offer similar events like this throughout the school year.

Coming home in today’s Weekly Yellow Folder, you will find your child’s ACT Aspire test results along with a letter from the Archdiocese. A “how to” Understand Your ACT Aspire Results link is also posted on the school’s website. These standardized test scores show how well your child is able to retain and apply content that is being taught on a yearly basis.

I am also sending home our Cohort Growth Charts. These charts demonstrate how our students continue to grow from year to year. Next to the charts is a comparison for you of both the National Average and the ACT Aspire Benchmark Score. We continue to be on par or 1-2 points away from those comparisons.

The results of this yearly assessment along with other assessments given throughout the school year by our teachers, and the results of our 5 Essentials Survey will help guide us as we devise and implement our school’s Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP). More details on our school’s CSIP will be communicated in the coming weeks.


Most sincerely,

Mrs. Sharon O’Toole, Principal

Mrs. Sharon O'Toole - Principal

“My plans for St. Walter School  – to grow and move forward. Highlight the things we do well, improve on the areas that need attention such as resources, implement a clearly defined Continuous School Improvement Plan based on data from test scores and bring back a welcoming environment where everyone feels at home.”