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Principal Newsletter

From the desk of Mrs. Sharon O’Toole

January 15, 2020

Dear St. Walter Family,

Your continued support of our various fundraisers and the generosity of our alumni and donors has once again demonstrated the undying support and love for our school. We are very close to achieving the necessary funds needed to sustain our school in 2020-2021. We must continue to work together and do our part as we build towards a bright future. We still have some money to raise and enrollment numbers to increase, but when we work together, our wildcat family can do incredible things!

Progress Reports are coming home this Friday. That means we are mid-way through the second trimester of school. With the start of a “new year”, it is a good time for your child to make a “resolution” to read daily, practice math facts, study better and work on organization skills. Improvement on all these little things will yield big results by the end of the trimester.

Since we have returned from Christmas break, we have way too many students coming to school tired, and in some cases unable to stay awake. This is occurring across many grade levels. When we ask why they are tired, we pretty much hear the same response – up late on their phones or playing video games. I ask you, as their parents, to be sure you are in charge and monitoring these devices. While I cannot tell you the best way to do this in your own home, I can tell you the students are very honest about sneaking back their phones or going back online to play video games once parents have gone to bed. Please make the necessary adjustments at home to ensure everyone is getting a good night’s sleep. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

So very grateful to you, our parents, for choosing SWS and your continued trust and support.

Mrs. Sharon O’Toole, Principal

Mrs. Sharon O'Toole - Principal

“My plans for St. Walter School  – to grow and move forward. Highlight the things we do well, improve on the areas that need attention such as resources, implement a clearly defined Continuous School Improvement Plan based on data from test scores and bring back a welcoming environment where everyone feels at home.”