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Our teachers are committed to providing quality instruction through assignments, online platforms such as SeeSaw and Google Classroom, and Zoom for live streaming.


Provision of Educational Instruction via Live Streaming and/or Recorded In-Person Instruction During the 2020-2021 School Year

In an effort to provide continuous learning opportunities during the COVID-19 Pandemic, St. Walter School is offering virtual instructional sessions to students via live streaming and/or recorded and remote learning applications or platforms for those students who are not comfortable returning to in-person instruction at this time. St. Walter will utilize remote meeting applications or platforms, such as Zoom for live classroom teaching and/or in-person recorded instruction, parent-teacher conferences, and other individual and small group teacher-student meetings (“Sessions”) as part of our remote learning plan.

St. Walter School expects all students and their parents or guardians to comply with following requirements during all Sessions:

  • Before joining a Session, ensure that your student is in a private location and that his or her device is not visible to the public.
  • Students should be ready for the day: combed hair, school polo, ate breakfast
  • Be attentive to the background environment. Students should not participate in Sessions in an area where personal or private information and images could be shared.
  • Minimize all background noise and activity during the Session. We want these Sessions to maximize student learning.
  • Remind students to use the “raise your hand” feature and wait to be recognized by the teacher before speaking during individual or small group Sessions.
  • Remind your students that any misconduct during the Session will be subject to discipline according to the St. Walter School Student Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy.
  • Recording, copying, reproducing, displaying, or distributing any of the Sessions in any manner by students or parents or guardians is prohibited.
  • All learners are required to hand-in assigned homework. Missing homework will be counted as missing and will reflect your grade.
  • Attendance is mandatory. All absentees need to be reported to the school office.

Remote Learning Grading & Assessment Guidelines for Parents and Students

Grading and assessment are key components of how students learn during any situation. This time of remote learning does create a challenge in the way teachers have traditionally communicated feedback to students. To that end, students and families should expect that teachers will provide feedback on student work in key content and skill areas, including formative feedback aimed at improvement and feedback that indicates a student’s level of performance (grades or scores).

Work assigned during remote learning must be graded. Varied assignments and assessments will ensure that students have ample opportunities to improve grades and receive feedback on their progress in learning standard-based content. Every effort will be made to work with students and families to provide opportunities for engagement that take into account individual or unique circumstances. Parents should check Power School regularly to monitor their child’s missing/incomplete assignments and grades.