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Creating Lifelong Learners

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Academic Policies

St. Walter School’s programs are centered around the gospel values taught by the Catholic Church.

Particular emphasis is placed on the following:

Respect: Children are taught to recognize the good in each other and to accept each individual for the unique creation of God she/he is. Children are taught to value themselves, others, and nature – from conception to death.

Honesty: Children are taught to be truthful through what they say to others and through the work they submit as their own.

Obedience: Children are taught to follow rules and directions because they are for the good of the entire group.

Service: Children are taught to be helpful to others through the daily routines of school life and through special class projects focused on people from the community.

Peace: Children are taught nonviolent ways to resolve conflict and to have empathy for others.

Justice: Children are taught to seek ways to help others receive what they need for a comfortable life.

Value of Life: Children are taught to realize the benefits of hard work and are encouraged to always do their personal best.

Teachings and Traditions of the Church: Children are taught the basic doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church and the prayers, rituals and traditions of the practicing that doctrine.

Teacher expectations for earning grades are determined by grade-level teachers. Grades will be given for the six major subject areas: Reading (Literature), Language Arts (English), Math, Science, Social Studies, and Religion. Parents receive these policies in the beginning of the year. All grading policies are approved by the Principal.

Teachers in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grade 1 will issue an assessment of the student’s progress.

Teachers in Grades 2 through 8 will issue grades for six major subject areas as follows:

A+ = 99%, A = 95-98, A- = 93-94

Consistently shows a thorough understanding of the material presented through high quality work that goes beyond the minimum requirements.


B+ = 91-92, B = 87-90, B- = 85-86

Exceeds the basic requirements for knowledge gained, accuracy of information and quality of work.


C+ = 83-84, C = 79-82, C- = 77-78

Meets the basic requirements for knowledge gained, accuracy of information and quality of work.


D+ = 75-76, D = 71-74, D- = 69-70

Shows a less-than-adequate understanding of the material presented by submitting work that does not meet the basic requirements.


U = 0-68

Performance shows a lack of understanding that will interfere with future academic success


Teachers of Special Classes depending on the grade-level may issue grades as follows:

S = 85-100         Satisfactory

I = 77-84           Improving

N = 69-76          Needs Improvement

U = 0-68            Unsatisfactory


Report cards are issued each trimester. Progress reports for students are issued mid-semester or at any time a student may be struggling.

After a Trimester Report Card grade has been printed, no grade can be contested after thirty days.

Report Cards for any trimester may be withheld until all financial obligations (including payment for Extended Day services) have been met.


Students in Grades 4 through 8 have the opportunity to qualify for the Honor Roll. The “A” Honor Roll requires students to earn all “A’s” in the six major subject areas and “Satisfactory” in Specials Classes. The “B” Honor Roll requires students to earn “A’s” and “B’s” in the six major subject areas and “Satisfactory” in Special Classes.


Parent/Guardian-Teacher Conferences for all students will be scheduled annually in November after the first trimester. These conferences are mandatory.  A second, optional, Parent/Guardian-Teacher Conference will be offered after the second trimester.

Additional conferences may be scheduled at any time during the school year as deemed necessary by either the parent or the teacher.  An appointment must be made for this purpose to assure that the teacher can give full attention to the parent/guardian.  Parents/guardians are asked not to reach out to teachers for mini-conferences before school or at lunch/recess time. Please contact the teacher by phone or email to set up an appointment.